A nerd that likes to code.

About Me

Hello, I am [REDACTED], known online as llamasking and I'm just a nerd who likes to write code and run game servers. I don't have a job so if you're offering me work of any sort, please feel free to contact me using one of the links at the bottom of this page.

I have written code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python, and SourcePawn, and am a recognized Microsoft Technology Associate (HTML, CSS, JS) as well as a Unity Certified Programmer (C#).

If you are looking to offer a commission, the donation link in the contact section has a system in place to handle them. I will consider all commissions but may refuse any that I don't have the time or skills for.

my favorite Projects

  SourceMod Plugins All the plugins I have written for SourceMod. Some are forks of others plugins and some are completely original.
  BadBot Framework My Discord bot framework designed to make creating bots even easier than it already was.
  Anti-Angy Boi A Discord bot that detects when you say you're angy in chat and sends a cute or funny video to calm you down.
  Beat Saber Playlist Downloader A Python script that searches for and downloads maps off BeatSaver. It even creates a playlist file.
  Phishing Nuke A script based off one created by nitsuga5124 that floods phishing sites with fake information.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me at any time using any of the methods below.